Solid vs Engineered Wooden Flooring

Engineered Wooden Flooring with Mikasa Real wood Floors

When you want to incorporate the luxurious appeal of wood into your home or business decor, installing wooden flooring is the best way to go. Not all wooden flooring is made the same which is why you have to be familiar with available options. One of the main considerations pertains to whether to go with solid or engineered wooden flooring. Both types of wooden flooring are made from real wood. This means that each wood piece is entirely unique and features the characteristics of your choice of wood species. Despite being made from real wood, each type of wooden flooring is different in its own way. Below we’ll go over the main characteristics setting solid and engineered wooden flooring apart to help you choose the best option for your residential or commercial spaces.

What Sets Engineered and Solid Wooden Flooring Apart?

Same Looks, Different Designs

Engineered wooden flooring comprises a real wood surface made from solid hardwood. The difference is that the wood is cut in a thicker layer and propped over a sturdy and strong base. This results in a drastic improvement in function and a great reduction in price. By using a layer rather than a solid block of natural wood, Mikasa Floors consume a reduced amount of the world forests’ natural resources. As a result, prices are kept affordable and the negative impact over the environment is diminished.

Engineered Wooden Flooring Is More Resistant

A great advantage of engineered wooden flooring is that it’s resistance to heat and moisture is greatly improved when compared to solid wood floors. Changes in humidity and temperature have a negative effect on hardwood, causing expansion, contraction, and warping. Due to the superior engineering involved, the base, and protective layers of engineered flooring planks, it is able to respond with more stability to adverse conditions.

Engineered Wooden Flooring Is Easier To Install and Maintain

Engineered wooden flooring is extremely easy to install when compared to solid hardwood floors. While the latter type of wooden flooring is labor-intensive, engineered wood floors from Mikasa can simply be laid and locked together. Once the subfloor surface is ready and measured, you are good to go. Engineered flooring is also one of the easiest surfaces to care for in residential or commercial settings. Regular dusting, scratch protection, and cleaning of accidental spills are all that’s required.

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Engineered wood flooring is the best type of wooden flooring for most applications. Easy to install and requiring simple maintenance, engineered wood flooring is made one hundred percent from real wood and built to last. Contact Mikasa Floors to take a look at our catalog of premium quality wood flooring. Send us an email at or send us a message from our contact page!