4 Things to Look for When Purchasing Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring with Mikasa Floors

Engineered wood flooring has emerged as a preferred choice for both commercial and residential properties. Superior moisture resistance, reasonable pricing, a plethora of choices, and ease of installation and maintenance are some of the attributes that have made engineered hardwood floors a cut above the rest. While you can always count on Mikasa for a range of enigmatic and highly durable real engineered wood flooring, it helps to be informed about aspects that can assist you in making the right buying decisions. On that note, we present a list of four things to consider when choosing engineered wood flooring. Read on.

1. Installation

Though engineered wood flooring is easier to install compared to solid wood flooring, the traditional installation methods, such as stapling, nailing, fold-and-lock, and glueing down can be cumbersome. Revolutionary and advanced methods such as the Mikasa’s revolutionary PlankLoc system, on the other hand, makes installation a sheer breeze. It also allows for easy replacement of tiles if one gets damaged or has to be replaced for any other reason.

2. Maintenance

Engineered wood floors, unlike hardwood flooring, do not entail a painstaking and cost-intensive maintenance routine, as simple cleaning methods, such as mopping, vacuum cleaning and dusting are enough to keep the flooring in top shape. Unlike hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring doesn’t require periodic polishing, cleaning, and sanding. It is however important to remember that harsh detergents and wax-based cleaners must not be used for cleaning engineered wood floors.

3. Durability

A typical engineered wood floor is composed of a stable core such as HDF or Pinewood, and a top layer of veneer. Such floors may not rank too high when it comes to durability. Mikasa real wood floors, on the other hand, comprise a three-layer structure – a stabilizing core, a balancing layer, and a top layer of high quality real wood veneer. That partially explains the unmatched lifespan and value delivered by Mikasa engineered wood floors.

4. Warranty and Service

Be it a commercial or a residential property, flooring is always a cost-intensive investment. It is, therefore, important that you choose a brand that offers a comprehensive warranty and prompt after sales service. That is another box that Mikasa has got checked. Our engineered real wood floorings come with a 30-year warranty, and with our nationwide network of distributors, retailers, and service delivery partners, you can always be assured of fast delivery and prompt after sales support.

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Last Word

Mikasa real engineered wood flooring are best-in-class and offer promise unmatched value for money. Superior installation technology, warranty up to 30-years, and a range of options make Mikasa your one-stop destination for high-quality real engineered wood flooring. Choose from a vast style chest of flooring options, featuring top wood species such as Burmese teak, African teak, Brazillian walnut, and many more. To discuss your requirements or for advice and answers to all your questions, write to us at info@mikasafloors.com or simply call 1800-833-0004.