4 Reasons Engineered Floors Make The Best Commercial Flooring

Reasons Engineered Floors Make The Best Commercial Flooring

Unlike residential flooring, commercial flooring is subject to heavy traffic. So when it comes to choosing a commercial flooring, it’s not only important to consider aesthetic appeal, but one must also look into its durability. Besides, there are other important factors such as sustainability, maintenance, and cost that also come into play. One flooring type that qualifies on all aforementioned parameters is engineered wooden flooring sheets. Continuing the discussion, in this blog post, we outline four important reasons why you must consider engineered wooden floors for your commercial spaces. 

1. Will Never Go Out Of Style

Installing commercial flooring entails a substantial investment, which is why it is important to choose a flooring that will not lose its appeal or go out of style anytime soon. Thankfully, engineered wooden flooring is not just aesthetically appealing, but also timeless. This means you don’t need to worry about replacing it every few years. We suggest that you stick to a timeless wood species such as teak, walnut, or classic oak. 

2. Highly Durable 

As mentioned earlier, durability is one of the most important considerations when choosing commercial flooring from available wood flooring types. Engineered wooden flooring sheets is highly durable as it comprises multiple layers of stable core composite wood. In fact, engineered wood flooring is far more dimensionally stable as compared to hardwood flooring, all thanks to the superior technology Mikasa Floors uses in its manufacturing. 

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3. Easy To Clean And Maintain

One of the most important benefits of installing engineered wooden flooring is that it is low maintenance. All you need to do is sweep it every couple of days or deep clean weekly with a steam mop to retain its sheen. Also, unlike hardwood flooring that is prone to damage due to moisture, engineered hardwood flooring is highly resistant to moisture. And that’s not all, as it is also resistant to scratches and scuffs.

4. Sustainable

Engineered wooden flooring is your best bet when looking for a sustainable flooring option. Manufacturing engineered wooden flooring sheets requires far fewer trees as compared to hardwood flooring. Their unmatched longevity also means that they don’t need replacing for a long time, which also helps save the environment. Mikasa Floors also set up a Green Strategy Group that is committed to ensuring a sustainable engineered wooden flooring manufacturing process. 

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