3 Key Questions to Ask When Buying Wood Flooring

Buying Wood Flooring with Mikasa Floors

When you’re looking at several wood flooring types, every option seems beautiful and every company promises to deliver long-term performance. If you’re planning or redoing a property, you should know that flooring is one of the most important investments you’ll make. The many outstanding wood flooring types, however, can make the purchase process overwhelming, even for the well-informed shopper. So, to help you make the right decision, we give you three key questions to ask yourself when buying wood flooring. Take a look.

1. Hardwood or engineered wood – which is right for me?

To answer this question, start by thinking about where in the property you’re going to use your wood floor. Of course, you’re going to consider appearance in your decision. Both hardwood and engineered wood offer outstanding choices in this category. You should make sure to think about location from a practical standpoint as well. While hardwood floors offer great visual appeal, they entail high installation and maintenance costs. On the other hand, engineered wood flooring, which is made using three layers of engineered wood planks and real-wood veneers, represents a much more durable and affordable choice. Being comprised of multiple layers, engineered wood flooring is highly resistant to expansion and contraction issues that are quite common in case of hardwood flooring.

2. What about finish shine or sheen? Which is best for me?

The answer is really a matter of what you prefer. With real world flooring you can select any finish you want, within broad limits. As you make your plans, talk to your wood flooring professional about gloss, satin, and matte options. As you live with your floors for a few years, you may notice that a lower sheen will reveal scratches and small marks less than other finishes.

3. Should I worry about my wood flooring losing its appeal with time?

You’ll be pleased to learn that the sheen of engineered flooring can last for decades. You may, however, notice subtle color changes. This only adds to the character of your floor. Different wood types will change in different ways and at various places. Some of the hardwood species, such as hickory and oak, will change very little. Others, including cherry, may show natural color change which can be minimized with maintenance and care. You can also make subtle changes with your choice of finish products. Oil-based finishes can give your floor an amber hue. Water-based products will generally remain clear.

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Wrap Up

When looking to buy wood flooring, Mikasa is a name you can trust. A brand of Greenlam Industries, Mikasa promises nothing but the best in terms of appeal and value. Choose from our unique engineered wood flooring collection that caters to every style, taste, and decor. To discuss your flooring needs with one of our product experts, oror advice and answers to all your questions, call us today at 1 800 833 0004 or simply SMS ‘MIKASA’ TO 53030. You can also write to us at info@mikasafloors.com.