What Makes Engineered Flooring a Preferred Choice over Laminate Flooring

Engineered Flooring Over Laminate Flooring

Whether we talk about residential or commercial properties, choosing the right flooring is important to get optimum value from your investment. When it comes to choosing a flooring, most buyers have a common dilemma – whether to go for laminate flooring or engineered flooring. Surprisingly, engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring are often construed to be the same, which is simply untrue. So, to help clear the smokescreen, in this blog post, we draw a comparison between laminate and engineered flooring to find out what makes the latter a better choice. Read on.

The Basics

Engineered wood flooring consist of a decorative hardwood veneer, which is glued on top of HDF or Pine wood, imparting stability to the floors. Thanks to the multi-layer construction, engineered wood flooring is more stable than solid wood flooring. Laminate flooring, on the other hand, mimic the appeal of wood with printed paper. This is fused with a fiberboard core and then topped with a wear layer for extra support. Most people can easily make out the difference between the quality and appeal of engineered wood flooring and laminates.


What makes engineered wood flooring high on quality is its components. It is made up of real hardwood as the top layer, a stabilizing core in the middle, and a balancing layer at the bottom, arranged in a cross grain manner to provide more stability. The laminate flooring consists of imaged wood on top. Then, there is a separate foam of underlayment below.


Engineered wood flooring will cost you as close as solid hardwood flooring. However, it is slightly more expensive than laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is extremely cheap for the 6 mm regular oak laminate. This can also be extended moderately for the long plank 12mm boards.

Moisture Resistance

The base layers are dimensionally stable. Due to this, the engineered wood flooring can withstand a lot more moisture as compared to regular solid hardwood. But, this is the reason why even water cannot infiltrate and create moisture. Engineered wood flooring is definitely more preferred because laminate flooring absorbs a lot more moisture. The water can infiltrate into the lower layers and cause it to swell up.

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Wrap Up

All in all, experts prefer engineered wood flooring over laminate flooring for many reasons. Apart from the pros mentioned above, the uniqueness of this flooring is created by a deep appearance and the variety of patterns. If you are looking to give a truly unique and classy look to your property, Mikasa has got you covered. Explore our selection of premium engineered flooring that can breathe new life in any living space. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about any of our products, simply call 1800-833-0004 or fill out our contact form.