A Brief Guide to Understanding Mikasa’s Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring from Mikasa Floors

If you are looking to install flooring in residential or commercial spaces engineered wood flooring is worth exploring. Engineered wood floors are real wood floors that feature multiple layers designed to overcome the generic issue of hardwood. Engineered wood flooring can be installed easily with a planckLoc technology, a unique & Glueless mechanism makes the installation of Floors durable & convenient and Mikasa can do it for you at great comfort. We offer high-quality engineered wood flooring that upgrades the aesthetics and functionality of any space. Read on.


Mikasa floors consist of three layers composed of Real Hardwood, a Stabilizing Care, and a Balancing Layer that are put together using the most modern technology. This construction gives the flooring unmatched solidity & stability to every plank while restricting the expansion & contraction of wood enabling it to stand the test of time and adverse climate. The installation of the flooring does not use glue, ensuring that it never opens up Need to first explain about plankLoc. Proprietary PlankLoc technology allows for easy installation and repair while giving a seamless look to the flooring.

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Mikasa Engineered Wood Flooring is available in different types of finishes. These are:

1. Satin Lacquer

Easy-to-maintain satin lacquer adds an impeccable shine to wood flooring without faltering it’s character. The surface is easy on the eyes as well as feet, making it the perfect finish for aesthetic settings.

2. Brushed

The natural charm and qualities of the flooring are accentuated by treating the wood with a mechanical brush. The method enhances the beauty of the flooring and can be complemented by other treatments like coloured staining or bevelled-edge. Brushed engineered wood flooring revamps the entire look of your spaces.

3. Stained

If a sophisticated look is what you are after, stained finish engineered wood flooring is the way to go. It adds elegance to the wood without sacrificing any of the natural detail. It is a great addition to existing wooden textures and makes them look more urbane.

4. Matt Lacquer

A pure, untreated wooden texture that just sets your spaces apart. Matt lacquer does not conceal the natural look of wood whilst making it easier to maintain and durable.

5. Smoked

The ideal choice for artistic people, smoked wood texture flooring is a class apart. If you have a creative mind and want your spaces to look unique, go for oak wood engineered flooring that goes through a process to give it a dark and smoky look, making your spaces feel rustic.

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Edges are gaps which get created when 2 planks are joined together to enhance desired look and feel. There are three main Engineered Wood Flooring edges from which you can choose to transform your spaces.

1. Bevelled Edge

Individual planks are accentuated to look separated from each other and give your flooring a rustic look. It introduces a traditional feel that gives the impression of a classic wooden flooring.

2. Micro Bevelled Edge

The micro-bevelled edge looks like the bevelled edge, but with finer edges that showcase a seamless connection.

3. Square Edge

A smooth, uniform finish that brings the flooring together in a sleek look. The square edge gives the flooring a contemporary look with a need to find a better word feel that awakens your spaces.


Greenlam Mikasa’s engineered wood flooring is the first choice amongst most architects and designers. Choose from a rich catalogue of wooden flooring designs. For answers to all your questions about our engineered wood flooring or discuss your requirements, call 1800-833-0004 or email info@mikasafloors.com.