5 Common Things That Can Damage Your Engineered Wood Flooring

Care For Engineered Wood Flooring With Mikasa Floors

Wood flooring can withstand most of what is thrown at it but still needs a great amount of care to keep it in the best condition for a long time. Apart from cleaning, it is important to be on the lookout for things that may harm your wood flooring regardless of its type. Let’s look at 5 common things that can damage your engineered wood flooring.

1. High Heels

Wearing high heels in the home can ruin wooden flooring. Heels are pointier and, as a result, the body weight is not evenly distributed, which can leave dents on the floor. Going indoors shoe-free can help prevent any dents caused by high heels. It is a good idea to place a comfy pair of slippers by the door so you can remember to leave the heels as you enter.

2. Pet Nails

Pets with long nails can scratch your beautiful wood flooring, not to mention the annoying sound that it causes. The scratching results in dull looking flooring over time. Trimming your pet’s nails regularly will not only save your floors from scratching but other pieces of furniture in and around the house.

3. Furniture

Every time someone sits on chairs and sofas, the legs can leave gouges and scratches on wooden flooring. To protect your engineered wood flooring, you can place furniture pads under the legs of furniture pieces and check them regularly. Replace them as they wear down over time so that enough cushioning is maintained between the furniture and the floor. Also, moving furniture across the floor can cause damage in the form of scratches. Lift the furniture off the floor, move it to the desired location, and set it down gently. If the furniture is too heavy to lift, it is recommended to place a thick moving blanket underneath.

4. Debris and Dirt

Dirt and debris can scratch all wood flooring types without you even noticing. If you do not vacuum the place regularly, dirt and debris can get embedded in the surface over time. You should avoid sweeping the debris as it can scratch the flooring. Always use a good vacuum cleaner on a regular basis to get rid of any dirt and debris.

5. Spilled Liquid

Spilled liquid can leave stains on wooden flooring which can become permanent if left for a long time. Additionally, liquid can enter the seams and result in moisture damage such as mold and warping. Wipe any liquid spillage immediately to avoid any staining of your wood flooring.

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Wrap Up

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