4 Benefits of Lacquered Finish For Engineered Wood Flooring Designs

Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring Designs With Mikasa Floors

Engineered wooden flooring designs need a perfect finish in order to bring out the desired look and add a layer of protection. Even in spaces that don’t experience heavy footfall, it is crucial for the flooring to be endowed with a finish so that it doesn’t wear out quickly. You will have to pick a suitable engineered wood flooring design and finish based on the desired appearance and performance. In this blog, we look at the notable benefits of satin lacquered or matte finishing for engineered wood flooring.

#1 Easy To Maintain

Maintenance is a critical factor when it comes to choosing wooden flooring designs. However, it is not a point of concern when it comes to wood flooring with a lacquered finish as it doesn’t require extensive care. In short, you can easily clean and maintain lacquered engineered wood flooring to keep it in the best shape.

#2 Forms a Protective Layer

Lacquered engineered wood flooring designs are the best choice for spaces where the flooring is exposed to significant wear and tear. The lacquer sits right on the top of the wood, creating an additional layer of protection. It shields the flooring surface from damage such as scratches and marks. Even when you have kids in the house, you won’t have to worry about them playing on the floor. This finish will shield your engineered wood flooring design from damage.

#3 Water-Resistant

The major problem with wooden flooring is damage from water exposure. While you can take care of internal fittings, you certainly can’t avoid an occasional water spill on your residential or commercial wooden floor. This leads to damage to the floor, meaning you have to put in more money to replace or maintain it. Opting for a lacquered finish helps you eliminate all this hassle. The finish keeps water away from the floor by acting as a waterproof film, thereby reducing water damage.

#4 UV-Filter

When engineered wood flooring designs get exposed to excessive sunlight, they tend to degrade in colour and quality. This happens due to the harsh UV-rays of the sun. A lacquered finish protects the flooring from damage as it works as a UV-filter, keeping your floors intact for longer.

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All in all, a lacquered finish protects your engineered wooden floors from any damage, keeping them functional and beautiful for long. Greenlam’s Mikasa brand opens up your world to high quality engineered wood floor designs. Check out our catalogue for available options and choose an engineered wood flooring texture and finish that is most suitable for your spaces or take advantage of our floor selection tool. You can also contact our helpful staff to learn more about available engineered floor collections. Simply call +91 11 49501499 or email info@mikasafloors.com.