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Introducing Atmos and Pristine.

Mikasa’s highly vaulted range of flooring options, each of which adds a mélange of distinct characteristics to any environment. 

  • Estate

    The Estate Collection infuses a timeless and majestic look to hardwood flooring. The Estate Collection is offered in distinguished Stained and Brushed finishes in a 2-Strip format to accentuate Oak’s natural look.

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  • HerringboneTwine

    Weave character and personality in your living space with double wood patterns. Vibrant designs can be brought to life with a simple tweak of teak with the Twine Collection.

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    Another name for perfection, Pristine is our standard setting wood flooring range. Fascinating and inviting, this 15 mm wood flooring expresses its stylishness in exquisitely crafted detail. A collection to soothe any soul. 

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    Pristine Flooring
    1. City

      Oak in its purest form, Pristine City is available in distinctive yet equally appealing variants. Natural, Brushed and Satin finish Oaks are offered in 1, 2 and 3 Strip formats.

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    2. Palace

      Displaying the grandeur of Oak, Pristine Palace enhances the noble character of Oak by creating wide and long planks giving an ample feel to any room. The collection comprises 1-Strip planks in a variety of Stains with Satin or Brushed finish.

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    3. Fumoir

      Giving your floor a deep and dusky look, the Mikasa Fumoir offers Smoked Oak complemented by an exquisite Brushed finish. Available in 1 and 3 Strip formats.

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    4. Vermont

      A collection of Walnut and Maple woods from North America are offered in their Natural look as well as a unique Stained finish. Mikasa Vermont is presented in 1, 2 and 3-Strip formats.

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    5. Weathered

      Sometimes, true beauty is found in imperfection. And that is exactly what Mikasa Weathered Collection takes pride in. with unique design & accentuated natural features, this collection is as real as it can get. Its charm lies in the knots, variation, in colors & textures that highlight the real character of the wood. If you like to keep things real, Mikasa Weathered Collection is for you.

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    6. Arte

      Ageless work of art reflects great craftsmanship. And Mikasa Arte Collection displays the bespoken work of art. Charming, timeworn appeal - each plank is hand scraped or saw cut to produce small grooves and undulations that are reminiscent of a naturally aged floor. With a stunning mix of rich auburn and deep chocolate tones, this extraordinary collection of handcrafted floors is brought to life by man, machine and material combinations. Each board evokes an antique look and captures the feel that it's been loved across the generations. Mikasa Arte Collection is unseen marvel.

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    7. Chevron

      An inverted V pattern wherein the short end of planks meet at an angle of 45 degree to create beautiful Zig-Zag Design.These floors are mastered to perfection with various species of wood, stains and edged.

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    8. Herringbone

      Nothing exudes simplicity in design like uniformity. A collection which abides by the same is the Solitary Collection which allows for subtle but artistic patterns made in planks of the same specimen of wood.

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    Breathtakingly beautiful, Mikasa Atmos is our ‘best in its class’ 10 mm flooring with a 0.6mm veneer of real wood.. Truly a modern take on a traditional wood floor Atmos will brighten up any room. Warm and welcoming Atmos.

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    Atmos Flooring
    1. Exotic

    2. Eiche

      Atmos Eiche is a gorgeous collection of 1-Strip Oaks presented in 10mm wood flooring in all its variants - Natural, Stained or Smoked finish.

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    Distinct and eye-catching. Bold and inviting. Mikasa Arbor is our premium collection of 13mm flooring. Mikasa Arbor manifests itself in strikingly beautiful variety. Adorn your space with this swish collection and see any room come alive.

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    Arbor Flooring
    1. Rovere

      Mikasa Rovere offers 1-Strip Oak in a wide-ranging assortment of finishes and treatments to grace your floors – Natural, Stained, Smoked, Brushed and Satin. You are spoilt for choice.

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    2. Eclectic

      Various species like Walnut, Sucupira, Sapele, and Ash are presented in a single strip format with an assortment of surface refinements such as Natural, Smoked or Stained, and an option of Satin or Brushed finish.

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Mikasa Wooden Flooring Collections

Wooden flooring has long been a favorite among interior designers, architects, developers and homeowners. As India’s leading brand offering engineered wood flooring, Mikasa has been committed to helping you beautify living spaces by infusing your creative genius into every piece of work. Besides offering unparalleled appeal, our wooden flooring types, being manufactured from exotic wood species, such as Walnut, Sucupira, Sapele and Ash are remarkably easy to install, maintain and repair. Choose from a spectrum of engineered wood floor designs, exuding timelessly distinct elegance. 

Exclusive Designs that Resonate Elegance.

Mikasa’s highly vaulted wood flooring designs collections feature various types of engineered flooring options, each of which adds a mélange of distinct characteristics to any environment.

Why Choose Mikasa Wooden Floors?

  • Versatility to blend seamlessly with any type of décor
  • Largest network of sales and service outlets
  • Wooden flooring options for every type of room
  • Easy to install, remove and reinstall
  • Warranty of up to 30 years on all wood flooring types
  • Easy to maintain

Let’s Talk Wood Flooring!

Whether you are renovating your property or constructing a new one, sourcing the right flooring material plays a major role in defining the décor of your spaces. Speak with one of our product experts to explore available wooden flooring types/options and take the right decision. Call our toll-free number 1800 833 0004 or write to us at info@mikasafloors.com.

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