All You Need to Know About Teak Wood Flooring

Teak Wood Flooring with Mikasa Flooring

Choosing the right flooring material for your property not only reinvents and curates the look of the spaces but also offers unmatched luxury and durability. Engineered teak wood flooring is considered one of the classic choices and an excellent flooring material thanks to its incredible beauty and durability. It has an edge when it comes to rendering a luxurious and enduring touch at an affordable price. Their unmatched look and feel makes it a compelling choice in a variety of spaces. In this blog post, we present all you need to know about teak wood flooring. Read on!


Teak was originally found in Asian countries such as Malaysia, India, Thailand, Burma, and Indonesia. It is also available in some Caribbean and African islands. The teak wood that is imported from other countries is labeled as “imported” and is subtly different from local quality. Teak trees grow for 80 years on average before they are ready to be cut and reach a height of 50m and sometimes more. One of the major differences between locally grown teak and imported teak is the price range. Generally, imported wood is expensive because of customs and import costs.


  • Teak planks are known for a unique colour variation starting from dark-golden brown to yellow-brown hues, all the textures are derived from its growing conditions.
  • The grain of teak planks is dense, uniform, and tight, which is why it looks extremely polished and sophisticated.
  • Teak flooring has a natural resistance to the elements because of the presence of natural oil.
  • Teak is a versatile material that is also used in making boats and ships apart from home interior decor elements such as flooring, doors, window frames, cabinets, and furniture.
  • Teak wood is resistant to weather and does not require regular varnish or paint protection.


  • Use a high-quality cleaner periodically to clean teak flooring so that the lustre of the wood is not damaged.
  • Oil the flooring every 2-3years to prevent mould growth.
  • If the space experiences high-traffic, you must oil the flooring once every year to prevent the planks from drying out faster.

Wrap Up

Engineered teak wood flooring is one of the most reliable, functionally sound, and visually appealing choices for residential and commercial spaces. Reputable dealers such as Mikasa from Greenlam offer affordable, easy to install and maintain, and versatile engineered wooden flooring solutions that come with a 30-year warranty as assurance of impeccable quality. To know more about available flooring collections, call 1800-833-0004 toll-free or email You can also fill out our contact form.