Engineered Wood Flooring: Up Close with Mikasa Staircase Solution

Engineered Wood Staircase Solution by Mikasa

Wood design staircases have a unique timeless appeal that makes them rank above a host of other alternative materials. Mikasa’s ‘Staircase Solution’ gives you an easy way to introduce exclusive designs and aesthetics, whether you are vying for a classic or contemporary staircase design. The solution represents a fine intersection between art and technology and is available in a variety of inspiring designs to transform your living and work spaces. In this blog, we discuss all you need to know about Mikasa Staircase Solution.


Mikasa Floors offers a Staircase Solution that is complete with all the elements that go into the installation. These include:


Skirting is part of the accessories that help render a final touch to your staircase solution. It creates a seamless transition from engineered wood flooring to the staircase to give the impression of an extended floor. In spaces where there is existing skirting already, Mikasa Floors offers Beading and Quadrant instead.

Stair Nosing (PlankLoc)

Stair nosing helps beautifully blend stair boards to create a smooth finish between risers and threads. PlankLoc makes for easy installation while bevelled edges ensure your safety and longevity of the solution. The nosing can go with classic or contemporary staircases and its profile matches that of engineered wood flooring boards that have been installed in the spaces.

Bonus: 5 Engineered Wood Based Staircase Designs to Consider

Riser (4-sided PlankLoc)

Risers boast unmatched beauty and strength and have PlankLoc on all 4 sides to allow for easy installation, uninstallation, and extendibility to meet the size of the staircase.

Edge Lipping

Edge Lipping works to cover exposed joints of the staircase after bringing together stair boards and nose. The result is a seamless and aesthetically pleasing appearance that blends well with the treads and risers.

Tread (4-sided PlankLoc)

Same as Risers.

Benefits of Choosing Mikasa Staircase Solution

There are many benefits that come with installing Mikasa Staircase Solution to complement your engineered wood flooring. The technology used in the manufacture, the design, and other elements such as PlankLoc technology bring a whole range of advantages including:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Time savings
  • Factory finish
  • Minimal wastage
  • Matching profile with engineered wood flooring
  • Application on classic and contemporary stairs

Last Word

Mikasa Floors is your trusted manufacturer when it comes to buying durable engineered wood floors and staircase solutions. You can choose from a range of wood species to bring out the desired decor style. Talk to our product specialists today to discuss your requirements and learn more about available engineered wood flooring and staircase solution options. Call +91 11 42791399, +91 11 49501499, or email