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Mikasa presents “Wooden Staircase Solution”, a masterpiece that elevates the true character of wood with exclusive designs and aesthetics with elements which can be used for both formats of wooden stairs i.e. Classic Stairs (with riser) and Contemporary Stairs (without riser).

Mikasa Wooden Staircase Solution is an exquisite blend of technology with the philosophy of art. Mikasa converted a manual working process into industrial production which will produce a perfectly manufactured result.

A wooden staircase solution that creates a seamless transition between your floors, skirtings, and stairs by combining materials naturally to give consistency in design at different levels. You can bring home this new elevation in design and aesthetics to glamorize your space with Mikasa


Real Wood Floors

Mikasa's roots lie in the true form of nature. Mikasa Wooden Staircase Solution display the art of real wood flooring using state-of-the-art technology. The magnificence of wood offers inspiring designs and infinite ways of beautifying your space.

Saves Time

Typically, in case of on-site staircase installation compared to regular floor laying the customers end up wasting 3 times more time than required. Since Mikasa Wooden Staircase solution comes with factory finish and PlankLOC technology so the installation process becomes easy and fast.

Cost Effective

Mikasa Wooden Staircase Solution not only saves time but also saves cost approximately 8 times more than the regular staircase floor laying. Because of its easy and faster installation process, one can also save on manpower costs.

Minimises Wastage

Since factory finished Mikasa Staircase product is delivered at your doorstep, there’s no hassle of buying raw material, lacquer, top layer separately which incurs additional expense as well as 30-40% of material wastage.

Easy Installation (Plankloc installation)

Mikasa Wooden Staircase Solution comes with revolutionary PlankLOC Technology which has a unique locking mechanism that provides easy installation and promises faster installation. It is less messy, gives better finish and offers easy extendibility for both narrow and wider format of stairs.

Factory Finish

Our factory finish staircase solution is crafted with real wood floor surface using premium quality raw material. It is an exquisite product with superior aesthetics, easy installation & re-installation process, rich finish, ensures user safety and product durability.

Easy application on both contemporary & classic stairs

Mikasa Staircase Solution is suitable for both open and closed types of staircases. One can pick as per fit.
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Exact match available of the Mikasa Floors planks

Mikasa Wooden Staircase Solution is available in an array of shades same as the Mikasa Real wood floors which creates a seamless transition between your floors and stairs.


Mikasa wooden staircase solution


For a sturdy and strong stairway, our expert craftsmen have created treads and riser that are not only solid but also glorify the beauty of natural wood.

  • All 4 sides of PlankLOC lends the ease of extendibility depending on the site/staircase size.
  • With PlankLOC, the installer can easily install or uninstall the planks. The same plank can also be used for the riser.
  • Exact match available that of the Mikasa Floors planks
Mikasa Wooden Stair Boards


Stair nosing profiles are the integral part of Mikasa Wood Staircase Solution as it blends the wooden stair boards beautifully and creates a smooth finish to the edges between the riser and the tread.

  • It comes with Plankloc technology for easy installation, uninstallation and re-installation.
  • Stair nose profiles made from matching Mikasa floor boards. Thus, available in all our offered flooring colors.
  • Fits all types of wooden stairs whether its Classic or Contemporary staircase format.
  • Comes with special beveled edge slightly chamfered to ensures your safety and long life of the staircase solution.


Edge Lipping is used to cover the exposed joints which is seen after joining the edge of the wooden Stair boards and nose to make the whole look of the staircase aesthetically pleasing and seamless with the wood stair treads and risers.

  • Matching Edge lipping is available as of the wood stair board and nose color.
  • Made of real wood hence durable.
  • Comes handy where both the sides of the stairs are exposed.
Mikasa Edge Lipping
Mikasa Accessories


Wood Skirting and Beading & Quadrant give the final touch to your wooden stairs.

Wooden floor skirting gives an impression of an extended floor and makes the transition from floors to stairs seamless. It gives consistency in design to further enhance the look and feel of your home. In the case of an existing skirting, the removal might not be possible. In such cases, Beading & Quadrant is suggested. Both these accessories are available in a variety of colours same as Mikasa Real Wood Floors collection to complement your stairs. Wood Floors collection to complement your stairs. Know More.