5 Engineered Wood Based Staircase Designs to Consider

Staircase Designs to Consider with Mikasa Floors

When thinking about the design and aesthetics of a house, most rarely consider the staircase. Just like any other part of residential and commercial spaces, the stairs style and material play a major role in the overall aesthetics of the decor. If you choose to go with an engineered wood staircase, there are a number of popular designs that you can consider. Let’s look at five wood staircase design options that you can consider.

1. Straight Stairs

The most common type, straight stairs, as the name suggests, are stairs which do not change their direction. On longer flights of stairs, a landing might be inserted to break up the flight. A few key advantages of such a staircase design is that it makes it easy for users to ascend/ descend, it is easy to build, doesn’t require any intermediate supporting structure, has the option of being made transparent, and works great with minimalist designed homes.

2. L Shaped Stairs

An L Shaped wooden staircase is like a straight stair with a 90 degree bend or turn somewhere in the middle which is achieved by adding a landing at the point of transition. L shaped stairs are visually more appealing, add privacy because of the visual barrier, are generally considered safer than straight stairs as the landing also acts as a sort of resting point, and they can also be placed in a corner of a room if it works better with the aesthetics of the spaces.

3. U Shaped Stairs

U shaped stairs are basically two parallel flights of stairs which are joined by a landing that creates a 180 degree turn in the walking line. They are traditionally found in commercial and apartment complexes. The staircase design is easy to fit into an architectural plan although it may be slightly more difficult to build. U shaped stairs also provide a similar resting point as in L Shaped stairs.

4. Winder Stairs

Winder stairs are a more complex variation of U shaped stairs but instead of a flat landing, they have curving triangular steps at the transition point. Their primary advantage is that they require less space than all the other staircase designs and can also be used as a secondary staircase. A more obvious advantage is that they are visually more attractive which has made them more popular in modern residential designs.

5. Spiral Stairs

Spiral stairs are famous for their helical arc, much like a split DNA strand, and feature a compact design that weaves around a central pole. The fact that they are very compact make them a viable choice for Duplex apartments, beach front decks, and other structures where space is limited. They do not require any additional support structure due to the central pole. Spiral wooden staircases are also the most attractive of all stair designs and do a great job at standing out.

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Final Word

If you’re thinking of upgrading or designing a new staircase which is stylistically modern, utilises the best materials, and is also cost-effective, engineered wood checks all the boxes. It provides timeless beauty to your spaces, increases the value of your property, and is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Mikasa not only offers high quality engineered wood flooring and accessories but also relevant information and guidance to help with the installation. If you have any questions about available options, installing wood floors, simply call +91-11-4279-1399 or email us at info@mikasafloors.com and we’ll take it from there.