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Engineered Wood Flooring: Up Close with Mikasa Staircase Solution

Engineered Wood Staircase Solution by Mikasa

Wood design staircases have a unique timeless appeal that makes them rank above a host of other alternative materials. Mikasa’s ‘Staircase Solution’ gives you an easy way to introduce exclusive designs and aesthetics, whether you are vying for a classic or contemporary staircase design. The solution represents a fine intersection between art and technology and is available in a variety of inspiring designs to transform your living and work spaces. In this blog, we discuss all you need to know about Mikasa Staircase Solution. Features Mikasa Floors offers a Staircase Solution that is complete with all the elements that go…

5 Engineered Wood Based Staircase Designs to Consider

Staircase Designs to Consider with Mikasa Floors

When thinking about the design and aesthetics of a house, most rarely consider the staircase. Just like any other part of residential and commercial spaces, the stairs style and material play a major role in the overall aesthetics of the decor. If you choose to go with an engineered wood staircase, there are a number of popular designs that you can consider. Let’s look at five wood staircase design options that you can consider. 1. Straight Stairs The most common type, straight stairs, as the name suggests, are stairs which do not change their direction. On longer flights of stairs,…