What to Consider When Choosing Engineered Wood Flooring Options

Engineered Wood Flooring Options with Mikasa Floors

Wood flooring is among the timeless favorites of homeowners for its inherent strength, delightfully welcoming look and feel, unmistakable warmth, and timeless appeal that blends seamlessly into any decor theme. Mikasa takes the natural goodness of wood to the next level with a wide range of engineered wood flooring made using exotic wood species such as oak, ash, maple, fir cherry, walnut, and southern yellow pine. Choosing from among these wood flooring options, however, can be confusing. That is why in this blog post, we present an overview of all that you need to consider when choosing engineered wood flooring options. Read on.

Installation Area

The space where you plan to install engineered wood flooring is the first consideration in the selection process. Consider the functions of the area. Will wooden floor be durable enough to endure the possible casualties that the purpose of the room or area bring? An example would be all the traffic, dragging, and dropping items in the kitchen. Though in the past, the use of wood floors was limited to bedrooms and living areas; with the option of engineered wood floors, you can now extend the application to various other spaces.


Although engineered wood flooring, unlike hardwood flooring, do not make you part with too much of your hard-earned money, it is advisable to decide on a budget for the project. It is also important to bear in mind that installing engineered flooring in your home or workplace can be a rewarding project to invest in, which will considerably boost the overall value of your property, and can even help you in ways you never thought it could, such as attracting buyers and investors and increasing footfall if it is a commercial property.

Fit and Finish

Depending on your personal preferences, you can either go for a natural wood finish that would help you create a sophisticated ambience, or go for smoked or stained finish options that are ideal for vintage, rustic, industrial, minimalist, experimental, and various other decor themes. In addition, it is also important to give due attention to installation, for which you can always turn to the companies offering floor installation services. Make sure you go with a name that is known for superlative craftsmanship that only a certified and experienced contractor can provide.

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The Last Word

Mikasa gives you access to an extensive range of premium engineered wooden flooring options that cater to every taste and application. Mikasa offers a range of premium engineered wooden flooring options. Comprising three layers – real hardwood surface, a stabilizing core, and a balancing layer, our engineered wood floors promise nothing but the best in terms of appeal and value. To discuss your requirement with one of our product experts or for advice and answers to all your questions, write to us at info@mikasafloors.com or call 1-800-833-0004.