How To Install and Maintain Mikasa Wood Flooring

Maintain Mikasa Wood Flooring With Mikasa Floors

A floor is one of the most important parts of any building whether commercial or residential. That is why it is important to choose a flooring that has great aesthetics and lasts long. Engineered wood floors are the go-to choice for discerning customers today. To make sure that your floors, whether engineered or otherwise, last long, it is vital to make sure that the wood flooring installation and maintenance are up to the mark. If you are considering giving your spaces a premium and enduring look, you can always count on Mikasa wood flooring. In this post, we share some information on how to install and maintain wood flooring. Read on.

First things first!

You must choose a floor type (texture and finish) that goes with your personal preferences and matches the space requirements. You can take your pick from our wide range of wooden flooring options according to color, thickness, plank size, species, strips, surface treatment, texture, finish, and edges.

Go Through the Preparation Process

When renovating a home, you must remove all furniture from the installation area, skirting and profiles, undercut door casings, and existing floors if necessary underlay. A thorough preparation process goes a long way ensuring that the flooring will stay intact. Uneven surfaces will cause the wood flooring to weaken and also create pockets that will hold moisture. Make sure that the surfaces are dry and water will not collect under the wooden floors, which will cause rotting of flooring.

Install with Plankloc Technology

Mikasa floors feature the revolutionary plankloc mechanism. This technology makes it easy to lock wood flooring planks and finishing accessories together leaving no gaps. The installation process is quick and does not require glueing[a][b] or nailing as compared to other flooring types such as tiles and ceramic parquet. When installing over radiant heat, make sure that the system is switched off 24 hours prior to the installation. You may also want to check if the heating system conforms to Mikasa flooring standards.

Observe Routine Maintenance

When done with the wooden flooring installation, you must now clean the subfloor for any residual sawdust or organic residues. If ignored they will scratch the floor and cause mold growth. Avoid using oil, soap, water emulsion, or self-polishing waxes, wipe any adhesive from the floor immediately, use a towel, and paint thinner or lighter fluid to remove any remaining stains from the installations. You need to clean the floor on a daily basis using a dust mop, damp cloth, or a vacuum cleaner. Over time, the lacquer finish will lose its glossiness, making the floors appear dull and scratch easily. You need to simply re-lacquer the floor after cleaning it thoroughly to remove any contaminants and traces of grease.

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Wrap Up

Mikasa Wood Flooring comes with a 30-year warranty ensuring that you get value for your investment. Go through available options according to find one that meets your requirements. For more information about wood floor installation and maintenance or place an order, simply call 1800-833-0004 or write to us on