Answers to 3 FAQs About Commercial Wood Flooring

Commercial Wood Flooring With Mikasa Floors

When looking for a flooring material to refresh the look of your commercial spaces, there are a number of factors that must affect your decision. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, the traffic, moisture, and environmental changes in and around the target place are important considerations when choosing a flooring material. Tiles and marble have been around for a very long-time, but it’s commercial engineered wood flooring that is rapidly taking over the market. The many advantages offered by commercial wood flooring from top manufacturers such as Mikasa Floors give interior designers and architects a solution on which they can always count. In this blog post, we answer some of the frequently asked questions about commercial or engineered hardwood floors. Read on:

Is commercial hardwood flooring resistant to fire and termites?

Engineered hardwood floors manufactured by Mikasa are fire-resistant. Their ignition temperature is about 270° making the last things to burn in case of a fire. This is the reason why our commercial wood floors are the material of choice for installation in evacuation areas. Apart from this, engineered real wood floors undergo a high-temperature procedure during the manufacturing process making them resistant to termites and borers.

What are the advantages of engineered hardwood flooring over marble or tile flooring?

Some of the advantages of preferring commercial or engineered hardwood flooring over tiles and marble are:

  • Engineered hardwood floors provide a natural and warm feeling
  • They are aesthetically superior
  • Commercial wood floors can be refinished and re-sanded
  • They are environment-friendly
  • Commercial wood floors can be laid over existing floors
  • They absorb electric shocks as wood is a good conductor

Does engineered real wood flooring retain the natural appeal of solid hardwood?

Yes, it does. Engineered commercial wood floors are made up of many layers, the top-most layer being hardwood veneer that is made from the same wood used in solid hardwood floors. This allows commercial wood floors to retain the natural beauty of wood.

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Wrap Up

If you wish to install engineered hardwood flooring to enhance the look, style, and maintenance of a restaurant, cafe, shop or office, you have landed in the right place. Each beautiful piece of wood is further enhanced using the latest technology to bring out the character of the wood and present it to you in its full glory. To discuss your requirements and get more information about Mikasa’s engineered hardwood floors, contact us at 18008330004. You can also write to us at