4 Tips To Simplify Your Engineered Flooring Installation

Engineered Flooring Installation With Mikasa Floors

Mikasa real wood floors aren’t only beautiful, they are also easy to install. Our revolutionary PlankLoc mechanism allows planks to be locked together without using glue, while still guaranteeing a strong bond. Each plank can easily be embedded with the other while leaving the possibility for removal and re-installation. The installation process for Mikasa floors couldn’t be simpler! To improve your engineered flooring installation experience, we have put together this post with our top recommendations for easy installation.

Follow These Tips to Simplify Your Engineered Flooring Installation

Tip 1: Prep Your Room For The Safety Of Your Floors

The key to successful engineered flooring installation is proper planning. Our engineered flooring is intended for indoor use and can only be installed over a dry surface. Before getting to work, we recommend you make sure the space has between 45-60% humidity, with maximum subfloor moisture of 4%. You can check this by using a moisture meter.

Once you have confirmed your room and subfloor isn’t too humid, you need to prepare your floor for installation. Get started by checking the level of the surface. The smoother and lump-free the subfloor is, the better the result. Additionally, we recommend lining the surface with Mikasa brand underlay. The underlay prevents moisture from affecting your engineered floors and also provides soundproofing.

Tip 2: Always Examine Your Product Before Use

Working with the wrong or defective products is setting yourself up from failure. Before installing your wood planks, take the time to confirm their condition. Cross-check the information on your wood plank box to confirm that you’ve received the correct product. You can then start opening up packs of planks as needed for installation. Carefully examine each plank to identify any damage or scratching on the surface. In the rare case of a plank being damaged, don’t install it but rather, contact our team for a resolution to the issue.

Tip 3: Measure And Plan Your Layout

Once you have confirmed your room is engineered floor-friendly, you can move forward with the installation. Before you actually lay your floor, it is important that you carefully measure the surface you are working on. Consider any small spaces or nooks of which you’ll have to work around. Figure out how many rows of planks you’ll need to cover the space. When planning your layout, figure out if you can fit full rows, and cut the first row lengthwise if space is limited. Ideally, you’ll want to lay the planks lengthwise from left to right. Remember to spare 10 mm along the edges of the room for spacers.

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In Conclusion

Looking for outstandingly beautiful and durable engineered flooring that has a simple installation process? Look no further than Mikasa floors! Thanks to our modern PlankLoc technology, Mikasa floors can be installed over most existing floors. No glue and no mess! Only the highest quality real wood engineered floors in the most stylish designs. Need more information on the engineered flooring installation process or our products? Don’t hesitate to reach out at +91 11 49501499 or contact us through our contact form.