Looking for Engineered Wood Flooring? Here are the Things to Consider

No matter the style or material you choose, there comes a time when the flooring of your property either starts to give up or you get bored of it. Redoing the flooring of a property, however, can be confusing. While engineered wood flooring with real wood surface give you a canvas that you can use to showcase different colors, designs, and patterns that aptly reflect your personality, the sheer variety of living room flooring options available can get you confused. That is why, in this blog post, we give you a list of the factors to consider when looking for engineered wood flooring. Read on.

Wood Species

The more you learn about the source and unique characteristics of wood, the better choices you will make when choosing flooring options. Every single tree has a unique grain print, which gives it a unique character. The most popular wood species used to create engineered wood floors include Ash, Eucalyptus, Oak, Sapele, Teak and Walnut.


Thickness is another key factor to consider when choosing wooden flooring. Two components make up the thickness of engineered wood – the core and veneer surface. Our engineered wood flooring thickness comes in three thickness options – 10mm, 13mm, and 15mm. Remember, the thicker the board, the longer it would last.

Plank Size

The dimensions of the plank can have an impact on how your interior appears. Narrow and shorters planks can make the room appear wider and deeper. On the other hand, wide planks can have a reverse effect on the room. It is recommended that you pick the plank size based on the size of space for which you are choosing a flooring.

Surface Treatment

Before zeroing in on an engineered wood flooring option, it is important to decide the surface treatment. The surface treatment of engineered flooring can have a notable impact on the overall look and feel of your living spaces. Depending upon whether you want a vintage, contemporary or rustic look, you can choose between stained, natural and smoked surface treatment options.


The texture of your flooring can add to the ambience of your room. It can not only accentuate the elegance, but also add warmth to the overall air. There are different types of textures available for hardwood flooring. Mikasa, for instance, offers non-brushed and brushed textures that add to the character and enhance the appeal of our engineered wood flooring.

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Final Word

These are the best flooring types that suit any living room in a home; also make sure that the flooring you choose is practical and functional with regards to maintenance, lifestyle and most importantly the budget. If you are finding difficulty in deciding which flooring will best fit your needs, call us at 1800-833-0004 or fill out our contact form and one of our experienced product specialists will take it from there.