5 Reasons to Choose Engineered Wood Flooring for Your Home

Engineered Flooring for Your Home With Mikasa Floor

Choosing a flooring for your home can be an overwhelming task, given the plenty of choices available in the market. Though there are many wood flooring options, nothing beats the elegance and value promised by engineered wood flooring that offers the same elegance as offered by solid wood flooring, but is much easier on the pocket. And that’s not all; there are several other benefits of installing engineered wood flooring in your house, five of which we have listed in this blog post. Read on.

1. Resistant to expansion and contraction

One of the most significant benefits of engineered wood flooring over solid wood is that it doesn’t contract or expand. This means it is safe to lay engineered woods in environments that may not be very conducive for solid wood. For example, unlike solid wood, engineered wood flooring is not affected by bathroom and kitchen environments where temperature and moisture levels vary by a large extent.

2. Highly durable

Whether your home’s flooring will be subjected to heavy footfall or you are simply looking for a flooring option that last for years to come, engineered wood flooring makes an ideal choice. This is because engineered wood flooring consists of three layers composed of real hardwood, stabilizing core and balancing layer, all when placed together providing stability to every plank.

3. Spectrum of choices

Engineered wood flooring are available in a virtually endless variety of grains, species, and finish options. So, whether you are looking for a simple flooring design or something more enigmatic such as Herringbone patterns, engineered wooden flooring options from leading manufacturers such as Mikasa have got you covered.

4. Available in wider sizes

Unlike solid wood flooring that requires large trees for extracting wide boards, it is easy to manufacture wide engineered flooring boards. That’s because the core boards being made of plywood can easily be joined together to form wider boards. In fact, engineered wood flooring can be found in far wider board options than real wood flooring.

5. Easy on the pocket

The last and probably the most important advantage of engineered floors over solid flooring is that they don’t cost a fortune. Engineered wood floors are usually available at much lower prices than real wood flooring. So, no matter what your budget is, you can get a top quality engineered wood floor with excellent finishing, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Wrap Up

By now you would be convinced as to why engineered wood flooring options are the best for your home. But, just in case you want to know more about the types of engineered wood flooring or want to explore the wood flooring collections before you buy one, we, at Mikasa, would love to help. To get in touch, simply call 1800-833-0004 or fill out our contact form and one of our representatives will get back to you, shortly.