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Design goes hand in hand with functionality for purposeful & better living. Something the Roman pioneered in their design philosophy with a pattern known as Herringbone.

These herringbone patterns facilitated better flow of movement and also became an ode to man’s imagination and artistry with infinite customization options.

Inspiration led the way and thus was born a modern classic among us, which we are proud of Mikasa Herringbone Patterns Collection. A collection engineered to stability and durability with warranty of up to 30 years.

With a thickness of 15mm & standardize offering of 540mm x 90mm, these engineered wooden floors shall help you personalize your living space, while keeping the quintessential aesthetic of a home that is born of nature & is captivating.


Mikasa diagonal herringbone pattern wood flooring
Mikasa brick pattern half bond herringbone flooring
Mikasa double herringbone pattern wooden flooring
Mikasa diagonal basket herringbone pattern wood flooring
Mikasa single herringbone pattern wooden flooring
Mikasa square basket herringbone pattern wooden flooring

Locking Technology

Mikasa wooden flooring layers


Excellence In Every Layer

Mikasa floors consist of three layers composed of Red Hard Wood, Stabilising Core, and Balancing Layer.Put together using the most modern technology, this construction provides solidity and stability to every plank while restricting the expansion and contraction of wood and giving your floor the resilence to stnd the test of time and climate.



The Bond That Lasts Forever

A revolutionary technology that locks two planks together without using glue, ensuring that the joints that bind the two planks never open up.PlankLOC™ allow for ease of installation, giving a seamless look to your floor that withstands the effects of seasonl change and foot traffic

Mikasa Wooden Floor with PlankLOC technology


Technical Specification

Thickness (mm) 15
Veneer Thickness (mm) Up to 3.0
Plank Dimensions (mm) Width: 90 Length: 540
Joint PlankLoc™
Configuration 1 Strip
Core Material Pine
Wood Species Oak & Walnut
Finish Non–Brushed/Brushed & Satin/Matt

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