4 Engineered Wooden Floor Trends To Look Out For In 2020

Wooden Floor Trends With Mikasa floor

Are you planning a home improvement project in 2020? By simply installing new engineered wood floors, you can bring a major transformation in the interiors of your home. Despite the pass of time, wooden floors continue to be a symbol of luxury and style; however, with changes in the domain of interior design, different wood colors, finishes and designs have gone in and out of style. It is, therefore, important that you consider the latest wood floor trends, to make the right flooring choice. In today’s post, we present the top engineered floor trends to help you modernize the look of your home.

2020 Trends For Engineered Wood Floors

Creative Patterns

Gone are the days when wooden floors were limited to simple horizontal or vertical plank layouts. In 2020, homeowners are looking to give their floors a fun touch by incorporating interesting patterns and designs. Some trendy designs you should try out include Herringbone designs. For a more subtle effect, you can add a unique touch by mixing different plank widths or simply opting for wider planks.

Grey Tones

While glossy browns and caramel tones ruled the home flooring world years back, 2020 is all about the ash tones. To completely modernize your interiors we recommend you opt for grey or white-washed engineered wood floors. Not only are these tones super trendy, but their light colors are ideal to make your spaces seem larger and bright. You can further complement the look by playing up the ash tones in your new engineered floors with cool-toned furniture and decor pieces.

Matte Finish

When switching up your floors, there are a lot of factors to consider. Choosing the wrong finish can make the difference between modern looking interiors and an outdated look. In the past, interior designers favoured shiny engineered floor surfaces. Today, glossy floors immediately give away the aged state of your home. Embrace the latest flooring trends by investing in matte engineered wood floors. The less sheen, the chicer the look.


2020 is the year to switch out your smooth wood floors and bring in the texture! Every passing year, people are more in love with incorporating bare nature into their homes. Keeping wood’s natural texture in your engineered floors is a great way to get that trendy organic feel within your home. Stay on top of the latest design faves by opting for semi distressed or brushed engineered floors in your flooring projects.


Make your home look better than ever by investing in new wooden engineered floors. Before you decide on a certain look, make sure you get familiar with the latest interior design flooring trends. Incorporating modern engineered floor styles from Mikasa will help your home look super stylish and fresh. Need help selecting the perfect engineered floors for your home? Check out our floor selection tool. You can also contact our helpful staff to learn more about our engineered floor collections and products. Simply call +91 11 49501499 or email at info@mikasafloors.com.