How To Maintain Your Mikasa Wood Flooring

Maintain Your Mikasa Wood Flooring

Mikasa offers premium wood flooring featuring a huge range of wood species. The high quality of our engineered flooring gives you the benefit of superior aesthetics and performance as well as low maintenance requirements. It doesn’t take much to protect the beauty of Mikasa’s wood flooring planks and ensure their durability. Follow the simple recommendations discussed below to keep your wood flooring looking beautiful and damage-free for years to come.

Simplified Wood Flooring Maintenance

Our floors are specially manufactured to make them tough and durable. Our wood plank flooring is designed to be as easy to clean and maintain as possible. This not only protects the beauty of your wood flooring, but it saves time and money.

Everyday Cleaning

For your daily cleaning needs, dry methods such as vacuuming work the best. A vacuum cleaner can efficiently remove all surface dust and debris within seconds, without introducing damage to your engineered flooring. When necessary, you can use a slightly damp mop to wipe down the soiled area, allowing any remaining moisture to dry off completely.

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Stain Removal

Remove stains as soon as possible using water or spray cleaner. Clean the flooring’s surface gently as excessive rubbing or use of harsh chemical cleaners can result in damage. When you adopt such an approach, you can rest assured that no stains will take root on your wood plank flooring.

Maintaining Lacquer

A coat of lacquer protects our wood flooring from micro-scratches. The lacquer coat can be treated with a lacquer refresher to increase gloss and beauty. This is especially helpful for wood floors that are starting to look dull or old. If the lacquer layer looks scratched, you can easily repair the surface. Just fill any deep dents, scratches, and cracks with a wood filler or hot-melt wax in a matching color from the Mikasa Repair Kit before applying the touch-up lacquer. Make sure to first clean the flooring surface before applying as many coats as needed to get the desired result. Applying a lacquer refresher is a great way to maintain your floor in between re-lacquering treatments.

Complete Renovation

If for any reason you want to completely renovate wood flooring, start by sanding the planks using a specialized machine. Once the wood planks are completely bare you can apply a new surface treatment. Depending on the stain or finish of your choice, you’ll have to follow different application instructions.

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Bottom Line

A low-effort routine is all it takes to maintain Mikasa wood flooring in a pristine state and promote longevity. Simple daily cleaning and lacquer maintenance can preserve the beauty of your floors for many years. Even when small repairs are required, professionals can do it all at a low cost. If you have any questions regarding the proper maintenance of your Mikasa wood flooring, call us at 1800-833-0004 or fill out our contact form here.