What Type of Wood is Best for Flooring?

Type of Wood is Best for Flooring with Mikasa Floors

Wood is the most popular and commonly preferred flooring material. Stunning aesthetic appeal, durability, easy maintenance, and versatility are a few features that make wood a highly sought after flooring solution. While hardwood flooring does come with a plethora of advantages, it is also prone to moisture damage, displays less resistance to weather changes, and costs a fortune. Modern sophisticated flooring solutions such as the engineered wood flooring offered by Mikasa Floors come with an advanced three-layer composition comprising a hardwood layer on top, a stabilizing core in the middle, and a balancing layer on the bottom, ensuring protection against moisture and weather changes at affordable pricing. To help choose a wood species for the hardwood layer on our engineered wood floors, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide detailing all the wood species that we offer Read on.

1. Oak

Oak is considered one of the most commonly preferred hardwood flooring species. Features such as ease of maintenance, affordability and strong graining make Oak a highly practical flooring solution for most environments. Moreover, Oak is proven to handle scratches and dents better, making it suitable for high-traffic commercial properties as well. Another distinct feature of Oak is the fact that it is capable of absorbing a wide range of stains, making it available in a plethora of shades and colour options ranging from lighter shades all the way to ebony.

2. Walnut

Commonly known as Black Walnut or American Walnut, the species of wood is known for its characteristic straight graining and rich chocolate-brown colouring. Several homeowners prefer the richness and warmth of Walnut, making it a popular flooring option for residential properties. According to the Janka hardness chart, Walnut can be considered a softer species of hardwood, making it more suitable to low-traffic areas where aesthetic appeal is prioritized over toughness. For high-traffic areas, a variation in Walnut, known as Brazilian Walnut presents a tough and extremely durable alternative.

3. Ash

Found across the Eastern US, Ash is a species of wood that belongs to the Olive family. It has a distinct pale colour, much similar to a few species of the White Oak, but with smoother, unique and more consistent graining. Also used for baseball bats, hockey sticks, and garden tool handles, Ash is a sturdy, well-performing, and a reliable species for wood flooring. Moreover, it absorbs and holds stains well, resulting in a plethora of colour options.

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The Last Word

Mikasa Floors offers a huge collection of engineered wood floors that come with a revolutionary design in which the topmost layer is entirely composed of natural hardwood. With a selection of more than ten popular hardwood species, Mikasa’s huge style-chest offers a flooring solution for every space. From Oak, Ash, and Walnut to Jatoba, Iroko, and Teak, explore several engineered wood floors available in a range of thickness and plank sizes. Finally, the engineered wood floors offered by Mikasa come with features such as excellent dimensional stability, easy installation, low-maintenance and a 30-year warranty. To know more or to discuss your requirements, fill out our contact form or simply call us on 1800-833-0004.