All You Need to Know About Mikasa Real Wood Staircase Solutions

Mikasa Real Wood Staircase Flooring Solutions

More and more people these days are turning to real wood flooring for their residential and commercial property staircases not only for the aesthetics but to also get durability. Real wood flooring provides a touch of elegance to your house and helps make the space look bigger. Besides, it is incredibly easy to clean and can be wiped with a cloth to get rid of any accumulated dust. These and other benefits make real wood flooring one of the best staircase solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Let’s look at available Mikasa real wood flooring solutions for your staircase.

1. Stair Boards

Real wood flooring makes for strong and sturdy staircases with risers and treads that glorify the feel, beauty, and elegance of natural wood. Stair boards feature PlankLoc on four sides which allows for extendibility of the staircase. PlankLoc also provides flexibility as you can easily install and uninstall the planks. You can also choose matching planks for the stair risers from Mikasa’s extensive wood floor collections.

2. Accessories

Real wood staircase solutions come with a variety of accessories such as beading & skirting and quadrant that provides a modern style. They offer a seamless transition from the floor to the staircase and give an impression of an extended floor. They also give consistency in style and design to enhance the feel and look of your space.

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3. Stair Nosing

Stair nosing is one of the most important parts of real wood staircase flooring solutions because of its ability to beautifully blend the stair boards and offer a smooth finish to edges between the tread and the riser. Stair nosing comes with Plankloc technology allowing for easy and quick installation, re-installation, and uninstallation. They can also fit any type of staircase, be it contemporary or classic format, and feature a beveled edge that is slightly chamfered to ensure safety and durability.

4. Edge Banding

Edge Banding or Lipping covers exposed joints that are visible after joining the edge of the nose and stair boards. This renders a seamless and pleasing look to the staircase, risers, and treads. For the ultimate look and feel, go for matching lipping which is available at Mikasa Floors.

Wrap Up

If you’re thinking of upgrading your staircase, then real wood flooring is an excellent choice as it comes with a long list of advantages. It provides timeless beauty to your space, increases the value of your property, and is extremely easy to clean and maintain. To know more about real wood flooring designs, take advantage of our floor selection tool. You can also call +91 11 49501499 or email us at