5 Essential Wood Flooring Accessories

Wood Flooring Accessories With Mikasa Floors

Real wood flooring, for years, has been quite popular in residential and commercial spaces thanks to its luxurious, attractive, and sophisticated appeal. The warm textures, rich colors, and solid durability together provide a strong and sustainable foundation for every room. Proper installation of wood floors demands a few accessories that help to ensure a perfect finish and longevity. In this blog post, we will discuss five essential wood flooring accessories that infuse creativity into every piece of your real wood floor with brilliance. Read on!

1. Veneered Skirting

Veneered skirting is used to cover the joints between the flooring and walls to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating under the floor. It also plays an influential role in protecting walls against scratches. Reputable real wood floor brands in India such as Mikasa Floors offer veneer skirting along with their flooring solutions to add the final touch to your floors. The skirting available in veneers/solid wood from several wood species that offer a premium style and design to your flooring at reasonable prices. It works for floors with varied thicknesses.

2. Beading

Beadings are one of the most essential wood flooring accessories that help to cover the gap between walls and flooring to ensure that the latter looks neat and tidy. Mikasa offers a wide range of beadings available in different colors and sizes to match any floor design. Made with solid wood, they suit floors with varied thickness and can be used when removing the existing skirting is difficult.

3. Edge Moulding

Edge moulding helps the floors to expand and contract naturally when they come in contact with immovable objects such as a door casing. Edge moulding is one of the best solutions when looking to cover the gap between real wood flooring and things such as doors, walls, and windows.

4. Underlays

Underlay is a thin layer of plywood that is placed over a structural subfloor and acts as a sound and moisture barrier. It’s a perfect combination of extruded foam and PE film which helps to iron out all the minor imperfections that may characterize the subfloor.

5. Quadrant

Hardwood quadrant is used at the edges of the flooring to cover the gaps that are left to cater to floor expansion around the room. Made of solid wood, quadrants are available in a wide range of colors and styles to suit any floor type. Quadrants work well with all flooring thicknesses and are mainly used where high skirting is not preferred.

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Wrap Up

Real wood flooring can create an extremely beautiful focal point in your living rooms if combined with the right wood flooring accessories. If you are looking for premium-quality real wood flooring and accessories or wood flooring repair, look no further than Mikasa. You can always take your pick from Mikasa Floor’s extensive collection of engineered wood flooring that is designed based on many important parameters such as colors, types, thickness, plank sizes, strips, species, and surface textures. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our products, write to us at info@mikasafloors.com or call us at our toll-free number 1800-833-0004.