Top 4 Wooden Flooring Ideas for Offices

Wooden flooring ideas for office by Mikasa Floors

Office decor is a reflection of a company’s work culture and brand identity. A well-designed workspace can enhance employee productivity and foster a positive work culture. When it comes to creating an appealing office decor, engineered wooden flooring is a top choice for interior designers and architects. Engineered wooden flooring, which is more cost-effective than solid wood, offers durability and stability under all climatic conditions. It also comes in a variety of design options to complement any decor theme. Here are the top four wooden flooring ideas for offices:

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  1. Diagonal Lines: Office cubicles can often make interior spaces feel congested. Installing wooden planks in a wide diagonal layout at a 45-degree angle can make the office space appear more spacious. This openness is vital for promoting a positive and progressive ambiance, enhancing teamwork among employees, and adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the decor.
  2. Herringbone Design: The herringbone pattern is one of the most widely used flooring design patterns in both residential and commercial spaces. In this pattern, wooden planks are joined perpendicularly to form a zigzag pattern, subtly making the interior space appear more spacious and sleek. The herringbone parquet pattern can be used for both traditional and modern office decor themes.
  3. Visually Separating Breakout Pattern: Visually separating breakout flooring patterns is an innovative option to create a visual sense of separation, impart openness, and add sophistication to the office decor. In this pattern, specific sections of the office space are covered with differently oriented wooden planks, breaking the monotony and making the interior look more organized and urbane.
  4. Residential Theme: An inviting home-like decor is gaining momentum as more businesses aim to offer warm and welcoming aesthetics, evoking a comfortable feel for both employees and clients. Exotic tree species are an ideal choice for evoking a home-like appeal in offices through floors, offering a rich, vibrant, and warm feel.

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