Is Engineered Flooring Real Wood Flooring

Real Wood Flooring

When people first hear the term “engineered flooring”, they often don’t know what to make of the trending flooring solution. At first, most confuse engineered wood flooring with laminate flooring planks. However, engineered flooring is actually made from real wood. What sets engineered real wood flooring apart from hardwood is its manufacturing process. Engineered flooring is made to provide all the beauty and other desirable characteristics of real wood while maximizing functionality and ease of installation. Engineering processes are applied so that wood planks can best adapt to modern lifestyles. This way both looks and performance are optimized.

The Making Of Engineered Real Wood Flooring

Making engineered flooring planks is an art of its own. An eye for beauty is required to select the best real wood. At the same time, collaborating science and modern technology to enhance, protect and improve the performance of every wood piece.

At Mikasa, we follow well-crafted processes to create floor planks. Our real wood flooring is made up of 3 layers – real wood, a stabilizing core, and a balancing layer. These layers are bound together using the most modern technology, making each plank as stable as can be! This makes Mikasa wood planks resistant to expansion and contraction better than any hardwood floor.

The look and feel of your floor remain the same as hardwood floors. The difference lies in the way modern manufacturing of engineered floors promotes resistance, durability, and performance of the wood component. This means no shrinking, expanding and high maintenance. That is why engineered real wood flooring is a favorite among designers, architects, and property owners.

Why Choose Engineered Real Wood Flooring?

Mikasa’s engineering process enhances real wood to provide excellence in all performance categories. The first advantage comes from engineered flooring’s sturdy core. Adding a strong core beneath the wood layer makes this type of real wood flooring more tougher than laminates and hardwood.

Engineered wood floors are easy to clean using simple inexpensive products. Water and a soft rag are more than enough for periodic cleaning. Unlike hardwood, Mikasa’s engineered real wood flooring won’t shrink or expand. Our plank locking system makes your floor stay exactly where you lay it and easy to install and replace. This way, engineered flooring prevents many problems property owners experience with wood floors.

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In Conclusion

Engineered flooring is enhanced real wood flooring! If you’re looking at investing in beautiful real wood flooring for residential or commercial spaces, engineered flooring planks are the way to go. Browse through available wood species and discuss your requirements with our team of experts. Send us an email at or simply fill out our contact form.