Keep Your Home Up To Date With These 2020 Wooden Flooring Trends

Wooden Flooring Trends with Mikasa Floors

If you’re planning to update your home interiors in 2020, make sure you get everything right. Take the opportunity to renew the look of your floors by incorporating some of the latest wooden flooring design trends! Here is a look at some of the trends you may want to consider.

2020 Wooden Flooring Design Trends

The best place to start updating your home is the flooring. Acting as the background of your entire home, it is one of the elements with the most visual impact. Before you make up your mind, consider the following wooden flooring trends! Not only will they modernize your home, but they’ll continue to look great for years to come.

It’s all about the texture

Smooth real wood floors are a classic. However, texturized finishes are taking the design world by a storm. Some of the more popular finishes to consider include hand-scraped and distressed real wood floors.


Herringbone is everywhere, from wallpaper to tiles. So, it’s no surprise that it’s making a major appearance in real wooden flooring as well. Herringbone patterns allow homeowners to incorporate several contrasting wood shades into their floors. This sets up the room perfectly for your favorite decor color palette. Additionally, it adds an element of fun and dimension, instantly making any living or working space more interesting.

Matte finishes

Shine is slowly moving out and being replaced by more flat finishes. Matte wood flooring is especially becoming a favorite among new homeowners. If you want your home to have a more modern image, consider going for matte wood planks for your flooring installation.

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In 2020, conserving the environment is the in-thing as homeowners become more environmentally conscious. This has influenced people to start looking for greener alternatives in every aspect including home design. Mikasa’s wooden flooring is engineered according to green practices, making it the perfect solution for our most ecologically concerned clients.

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