6 Cool Patterns to Create Using Herringbone Wood Flooring

Herringbone Wood Flooring with Mikasa Floors

On a mission to help decor connoisseurs create their dream decors, Mikasa presents the Herringbone patterns – an ode to the ingenious design philosophy of the Romans, representing the perfect amalgamation of design and functionality. Besides being engineered to offer unmatched durability and stability, the Herringbone engineered flooring allows you to unbrindle your creativity to give your living spaces a unique and personalised appeal. To help you in your endeavour, we present not one but six cool patterns that you can be created using our Herringbone engineered wood flooring. Take a look.

1. Square or Diagonal Herringbone

The square or diagonal arrangement of Herringbone engineered flooring is perfect for those who are looking for a cool but neat look. This herringbone pattern gives your living spaces a sense of openness, which is often a desired attribute in places where space is a concern.

2. Brick Pattern Half Bond

Carrying an old school feel to it, the brick pattern half bond arrangement of Herringbone flooring is perfect for spaces with a classic or antique decor theme. If you have an eye for all that’s timeless, this Herringbone pattern could be just what the doctor prescribed.

3. Single Herringbone

The single herringbone pattern is particularly suitable for large spaces with a lot of visible floor area. The arrangement gives out an intricate appeal that goes well with equally intricate interior decor arrangements. If you like to live it large, this is the one for you!

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4. Double Herringbone

The double herringbone pattern is quite similar to the single herringbone pattern, but you’ll be surprised to see how different they look once done. Being structured using two panels (in pairs), the double herringbone arrangement adds a modern twist to the traditional alternative.

5. Diagonal Basket

Got something funky on your mind? Try the diagonal basket arrangement of our Herringbone engineered wood flooring. The arrangement gives a sense of the traditional criss-cross arrangement commonly used in tiles and marbles, but what you see is planks of “wood”!

6. Square Basket

The square basket arrangement, for the standpoint of appeal, can be referred to as a more minimalistic cousin of the diagonal arrangement. Though it has the same format, but rather than the planks being diagonally arranged, they are placed vertically, creating a subtler appeal.

Wrap Up

The ones we have listed are just six of the many possibilities you can manifest with the Herringbone engineered wood flooring from Mikasa, an industry leader known to deliver unmatched quality and value. If you are looking for engineered flooring that you can install and forget, look no further than Mikasa. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our engineered flooring options, fill out our contact form or simply call 1800-833-0004. You can also write to us at info@mikasafloors.com.