Tips To Install Engineered Wooden Flooring

Install Engineered Wooden Flooring With Mikasa Floors

Not only are engineered wood floors a beautiful and durable investment, but they’re also easy to install. Installation of engineered wooden flooring is also very simple which is one of the reasons why designers and architects prefer it over most alternatives. Mikasa Floors’ engineered wood flooring comes with the revolutionary PlankLoc system which aids in easy installation and maintenance. It enables two planks to firmly bind together without the need for glue. Here is a look at how you can go about installing engineered wooden flooring.

How to install engineered wooden flooring

Follow these 3 simple steps:
Firstly, the installation of wood floors should be done only after all other work in the room is completed.

1. Prepare The Subfloor

First of all, make sure that the subfloor surface you’ll be working on is dry, level, clean, and solid. Evaluate the amount of humidity, if any, and decide whether or not to lay a polyethylene protective sheet. Types of subfloors that typically require this protection include lightweight concrete, a floor above warm, humid areas, and those with underfloor heating. You can also lay an intermediate layer to reduce impact noise.

2. Measure The Floor Area

You can then proceed to measure the floor area of the room in which you wish to install the wooden flooring. This will give you an idea of the number of planks that you need to cover the whole floor as well as cater to any excess floor space. Carefully cut your planks to fit into any nooks, corners or to accommodate your doors.

3. Lay Down Your Planks

Once you’re ready to start laying the engineered wood planks, head to the longest side of the room with the most doors. You can install the boards from left to right or backward. Lock the planks securely together with the PlankLoc mechanism. As seasons change, so does environmental moisture. Such changes cause real wood floors to expand and contract. Your wood floor installation must have enough room to cater to such variations by avoiding laying it too close to walls or other fixed objects.

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