Tips to Choosing a Wooden Floor from Mikasa

Wooden Floor from Mikasa

Choosing the right flooring material for your living spaces helps curate or reinvent the look you wish to achieve. Wooden floors have an edge like no other material, giving you a luxurious and enduring touch at an affordable price. The unmatched look and feel of wooden floors makes them a compelling choice. Mikasa gives you access to some of the best engineered flooring collections to help bring out your desired look without compromising on quality. In this blog post, we present a few helpful tips when choosing a wooden floor from Mikasa. Happy reading!

1. Species

Versatile in appeal and crafted to perfection, Mikasa offers two product categories – Atmos, and Pristine, each elegant in its own way. Arbor and Atmos are available in a single strip format in options like stained, smoked, and natural variants. The Pristine collection showcases Oak in an authentic form in variants like Blush, Natural and Satin finishes that are available in 1, 2, and 3-strip formats.

2. Colour

This factor is key in determining the visual breathing room in your space. Shades like light browns and greys give you an elegant appeal while dark tones add character. If you want to set a warm and cosy tone, dark shades work better. The nuances in dark tones elevate the interior ambience of the room. Subtle shades of wood allow more light and make the interiors look spacious. Ensure that the colour tone of your engineered wood flooring and the wall complement each other.

3. Thickness

Mikasa floors consist of three layers- the balancing layer, stabilising core, and real hardwood. This multiple layer system promotes durability and resilience. Ranging from 7mm – 21mm, the thickness of the planks varies with design with an additional 2.5mm- 8mm for the top layer. Mikasa flooring offers a variety of options like 13mm, 10mm, and 15mm thicknesses under the Arbor, Atmos and Pristine collections, respectively.

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4. Plank Size

Plank sizes are available from as small as 540x 90mm (single strip) to 2420mm x195mm (3 strip). Single strip planks are used where there is generous space, while double strips are ideal for medium-sized rooms. 3 strips allow combinations of other planks and can be used in any space. Herringbone planks allow customisation to fit any room size.

5. Surface Finish

Lacquered surfaces, whether glossy or matte, offer durability and a seamless appeal. Glossy finishes allow light to reflect, elevating the overall interiors while simplifying maintenance. While a matte finish is a classic choice, it is more coarse in texture. Oiled finishes are another option that gives you a natural appeal and prevents surface damage of your engineered flooring.

Last Word

Engineered flooring collections are reliable, visually appealing, and functionally sound. All types of engineered floors from Mikasa are affordable, easy to install and maintain, and versatile for every type of decor. They come with a 30-year warranty as assurance of impeccable quality. We have the largest network of sales and services, giving you easy access to some of the best flooring collections. Call 1800-833-0004 toll-free or email us at You can also fill out our contact form.