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Visualize your space with Mikasa Room Visualizer

Visualize your space with
Mikasa Room Visualizer

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Mikasa Visualizer

Visualize your
dream floor with
just a click

There’s nothing better than visualizing your imagination beforehand. And that is exactly what the Mikasa Visualizer does. Lay the floor of your choice in your dream space and pick the one that suits you the best. So, no need to stress anymore before choosing the right floor!

How does
Mikasa Floor Visualizer work?

Exploring your dream floor just got easier with Mikasa Room Visualizer

Click a picture of your space and upload it.

In a few seconds, you can select any color and format of floors that suits your home the best. Test as many as options you like.

Explore your imagination with Mikasa Room Visualizer

Looking to find the right floor for your room? Find it with just a click!

Explore our products with ease directly on our website or via the Mikasa Floors App.

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