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Most of the real engineered wooden flooring is sold in various grades – Classic, Rustic, Millrun & Feature etc. But what exactly this means? The grade of the timber in general, refers to the number of knots, sap wood and "imperfections" that the wooden flooring product (plank or parquet) would allow.

We believe in getting as close as we can get to nature and its unique character through our several different grade offerings. The true beauty of the wood depends on the part of log used to create a masterpiece. From clean natural graining and colour variations to dramatic rustic gnarls and knots, we combine nature and design in a way that nature’s beauty speaks for itself. Mikasa segregate and classify these never-ending variations of timber – through a Grading System. To make the process of grading seamless and simple to understand, a certain definition and nomenclature has been assigned to this Grading System. Oak is one of the popular species amongst consumers basis we have divided wood flooring into four grades – Classic, Rustic, Millrun & Feature.

So, as an example to show varying grain formation and properties, Oak has been used as an apt example.


This is also known as the AB grade of flooring. The following characteristics are ideally observed:

The boards may exhibit slight colour variation and usually have a more uniform look. Some variations add to the natural beauty of the wood as its main feature and are obvious exceptions. The grain is straighter as compared to other grades. There are very few knots found in this rather pristine grade, unless specific to the beauty of the timber.



This is also known as the CD grade of flooring. This rustic grade exhibits nature’s stripped-down marvel with a wide range of colour and more knots and fillers. It also displays checks (cracks across the growth ring). All this imparts a traditional and vintage look to this grade of boards.

In rustic grade flooring black knots and surface cracks are visible without compromising on the quality, wear and stability of the floor. These further accentuate the vintage look of this grade.



This is also known as the ABCD grade of flooring. This timber is truly unique due to its mineral streaking and grain patterns. This leads to subtle and beautiful variations in colour and texture whist also displaying knots and varying grain from species to species. In Millrun grade wood flooring you can expect knots of up to 40mm in diameter, flashes of colour, burrs and other character marks. The delicate machinery defects and black knots and easily be sanded to perfection. This involves filling them with a mixture and sawdust and resin after sanding to process the cracked knots to reveal a breath-taking texture of the board.



Typically, this will have a wider range of Color & Texture variation with limitless number & size of knots. Large colour variations, filler, splits, cracks and sapwood are common characteristics of this truly distinctive design which add a strong impression.