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Wood Floors, Real warmth, Really inviting

There is nothing quite like the warmth of nature. It’s truly wonderful how we suddenly feel relaxed & calm around it. Enamored by this goodness of real wood, Mikasa Wood Floors Collection - reflecting the true love for nature and its minutest details. From colours to patterns, it captures nature in its purest form. Making it a real treat connoisseurs of everything real. This Collection is the epitome of art reflecting a sense of style that is a natural mood lifter.

An evergreen beauty engineered to stand the test of time even with minimal maintenance. Come, discover floor that are sure to lift your mood.

Weathered Collection



Sometimes, true beauty is found in imperfection. And that is exactly what Mikasa Floors weathered Collection takes pride in. With unique design and accentuated natural features, this collection is as real as it can get. Its Charm lies in the knots, variation in colors and textures that highlights the real character of the wood. If you like to keep things real, Mikasa Floors Weathered Collection is for you.

Arte Collection



Ageless work of art reflects great craftsmanship. And Mikasa Arte Collection displays the bespoken work of art. Charming, timeworn appeal - each plank is hand scraped or saw cut to produce small grooves and undulations that are reminiscent of a naturally aged floor. With a stunning mix of rich auburn and deep chocolate tones, this extraordinary collection of handcrafted floors is brought to life by man, machine and material combinations. Each board evokes an antique look and captures the feel that it's been loved across the generations. Mikasa Arte Collection is unseen marvel.