Mikasa PlankLoc System: A Revolution in Wood Flooring

Mikasa PlankLoc system is a revolutionary technology in wood flooring that makes floor installation and repair a sheer breeze. Widely used in residential and commercial properties, PlankLoc tiles are ready-to-use flooring with a mechanism that allows locking planks without the use of any adhesive or glue. Whether you are looking for oak timber flooring, smoked oak wood, or engineered oak flooring, be sure to go for PlankLoc system. Delving deeper into the subject, in this blog post, we will discuss some of the key attributes of the revolutionary flooring system. Read on.

Easy to Install

Ease of installation is the biggest advantage of the PlankLoc flooring system. The installation team simply needs to get the measurements right, and after that everything pretty much falls into place automatically. Even in case of a flawed installation, Mikasa PlankLoc planks are easy to remove and re-lay without any hassle. Moreover, the especially designed joints of the planks almost eliminate the possibility of any unwanted incidents during installation.

Easily Replaceable

Just like it is easy and convenient to install PlankLoc planks, it is equally seamless to remove and replace them when needed. Traditional planks are bonded using resins and other fixatives, and therefore, they usually get damaged when they are separated from each other, which is not the case with PlankLoc planks. With PlankLoc system, replacing damaged planks is a sheer breeze and there is virtually no risk of damage to adjacent planks.

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Seamless Finish

Whether you go for oak timber flooring, smoked oak wood, or engineered oak flooring, Mikasa PlankLoc system promises an impeccably seamless finish. Traditional wood floors, on the other hand, usually have a certain level of unevenness due to the use of screws and glues. But that is not the case with PlankLoc technology. The planks blend seamlessly with each other, offering a perfectly even surface that is always a delight for the eye.

Environment Friendly

The resins and glues used to lay traditional wood flooring emit toxic fumes that deteriorate the indoor air quality and harm the occupants and environment. PlankLoc planks, on the other hand, are snapped together without the use of any glue or resin, and therefore, do not pose any risk to human health or the environment. In fact, we, at Mikasa ensure that the trees used for production are at least 50 years old and each tree is replaced by at least 10 saplings.

Wrap Up

Mikasa PlankLoc system marks a milestone in the evolution of premium wooden flooring technology in India and the world over. The convenience in the installation and removal of these planks is unmatched, not to speak of the smooth, shiny, and even look and feel they offer. They are immune to seasonal floor movements and can withstand heavy foot traffic. If you are looking to install a real or composite wood floor, consult the experts at Mikasa. A brand of Greenlam Industries, Mikasa has an extensive line of products with one of the largest sales and service networks in the country. To discuss your requirements, simply call 1800 833 0004 or write to us at info@mikasafloors.com