5 Key Benefits of Engineered Wooden Flooring

Benefits of Engineered Flooring with Mikasa Floors

Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing property or build a new one, installing engineered wood flooring is an excellent way to give an elegant and natural look to its interior. Engineered wooden flooring is made up of three layers of wood that are bonded together to make it more stable and durable. In addition to offering exceptional aesthetic appeal, engineered wood floors are easier to clean and maintain than solid wood and popular alternatives. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we present five key benefits of engineered wood flooring. Take a look.

1. Easy to Clean

Engineered wood flooring is easier to clean as it is quite unwelcoming to dust and dirt. The cleaning schedule of engineered wood flooring includes mopping with a damp cloth and dusting using a broom. Unlike common alternatives that need to be repolished after a certain time, engineered wood floors retain their sheen for several years.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

Depending upon the species of wood used, each type of engineered wood flooring has a unique appeal and characteristic that is certain to enhance the appeal of your property. You can find a wide range of wood flooring, from dark to light, and a whole lot in between. If you’re considering tearing out your carpet and replacing it with engineered wood flooring, the change will certainly enhance the appeal of your living spaces.

3. Highly Durable

High-quality engineered wood flooring is manufactured, finished, and installed as per certain quality standards that ensure it can endure heavy foot traffic that is common in commercial, institutional, and other public spaces. No matter the nature of your property, engineered wood flooring not only looks great for years, but also offers long-term durability.

4. Variety of Options

No matter how unique your requirement is, the market is flooded with a variety of wood flooring options. Engineered wood flooring comes in a wide range of designs, textures, colors, and styles to go with different decor themes. You can also find engineered wood flooring in different thickness, width, and species. Consider your requirement and budget to choose the best option and speak with our product experts should you need any assistance.

5. Increased Property Value

Engineered wood flooring adds an attractive element to residential and commercial properties. The actual worth of engineered wood flooring installation is revealed on determining the actual worth of the property, especially at the time of sale. If you are looking for a flooring option that adds long-term value to your property or project, wooden flooring is an ideal choice.

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The Final Word

Miksa’s collection features hundreds of engineered wood floor options to suit different budget and style preferences. Each piece of wood that we use is naturally beautiful and we further enhance its beauty with our European technology and excellent craftsmanship to bring out the wood’s true character. Our wide-ranging collection brings together the most exotic species of wood from around the world to accentuate every space. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our engineered flooring, simply call 1800 833 0004 or fill out our contact form.