4 Reasons to Choose Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone pattern—the parquet styles have been around for more than a century. Often found in formal living rooms, dining rooms, and entrance halls, both of these elegant zigzag designs elevate a room from the ground up.Herringbone engineered wood floors are known for their unique zig-zag pattern of perfect rectangles. This elegant zig-zag pattern, the most popular form of parquetry, can be traced as far back as 500 BC, when it was employed by the Romans in laying roads. It is produced by joining rectangular blocks at 90 degrees. The design is often preferred in formal living rooms, dining rooms, and entrance halls, where it has the effect of elevating the room from the ground up. Mikasa herringbone collection takes this one step further by elongating the individual block giving a svelte slimline shape that accentuates the scale of the pattern and visually expanding the size of the room. Today, we will look at 4 reasons why you should choose herringbone flooring design for your natural wood floor.

1. Durable and Long-Lasting

You can never go wrong with a natural wood floor, and herringbone engineered floors are no different. The way herringbone flooring is laid gives it more stability over solid wood floors. Moreover, the flooring is designed with a stabilizing core and a balancing layer at the bottom, helping it maintain its shape in adverse weather conditions. Herringbone flooring is scratch resistant and its hardwood base makes it more durable.

2. Easy Maintenance

Engineered herringbone flooring has a smooth surface, which means that dirt and dust cannot get trapped in it. This feature makes this flooring ideal for kitchen, bedroom, entrance, and other spaces that are used often. Herringbone engineered wood floors are thick, and this makes it possible to resurface and repair them.

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3. Aesthetics

Natural wood floors are always a treat for the eyes. There is a whole range of options from which to choose across celebrated and exotic wood species. The top layer of engineered herringbone flooring is real wood which gives you the authentic appeal of natural wood and the exceptional performance of engineered wood. The European heritage of the herringbone design gives it the class desired by contemporary homeowners.

4. Space Enhancement

The zig-zag appearance of the flooring makes herringbone flooring a great space enhancer that can work in any space. This makes it a great choice when looking to refresh any room. Its pattern can help make any sized space look bigger, particularly smaller and narrower areas such as hallways. If the herringbone engineered wood floor is laid diagonally against the long side of the room, it will appear larger, whereas, laying it parallelly to the long side will make it appear longer.

About Mikasa Floors

Mikasa Floors has been helping beautify interior spaces for many years with a huge collection of the finest engineered wood flooring solutions. An engineered flooring brand of Greenlam industries, we have a line of natural wood floors like no other, with options that include Walnut, Sapele, Ash, and Oak wood flooring. When it comes to choosing elegant flooring for your home, engineered herringbone flooring ticks all the boxes. If you have a question regarding the product, you can email us at info@mikasafloors.com or call 1800-833-0004 to talk to our experts today! You can also download our app from the App Store or Google Play Store.