4 Benefits of Using Real Wood as a Flooring Solution

Real Wood as a Flooring Solution With Mikasa Floor

Despite the availability of various flooring options such as tiles, vinyl, and marble, real wood flooring continues to be a popular choice and a part of the credit goes to the development of engineered wood. Engineered wood flooring has a personality of its own and adds warmth and comfort to residential and commercial spaces. A stabilizing core and a balancing layer removes some of the drawbacks of real wood and allows you to get unmatched appeal as well as value for money. In this blog post, we present four advantages of using real engineered wood flooring in residential and commercial spaces. Take a look.

1. Suitable for Most Applications

Real wood flooring is ideal for most residential and commercial applications. Wide variety, durability, and easy maintenance make real wood flooring a favorite among architects and interior designers. Our real wood flooring comes with the revolutionary PlankLoc system that makes installing, dismantling, and reinstalling a lot easier. Different wood flooring designs are available to suit every decor, style, and taste.

2. Easy to Maintain

Another advantage of real wood flooring is the ease of maintenance. All you need to do to keep the real wood flooring in its original state for many years is carrying out routine maintenance. Sweep or vacuum the floor from time to time, and remove spills using a soft cloth. Use a damp cloth to mop gently. You don’t need to flood the floor and do the heavy mopping. Also, remember to place rugs or carpets in high traffic areas.

3. Enhances Property Value

Real wood flooring enhances the value of a property. Buildings with real wood flooring are known to sell quicker and at a higher price than those with flooring made from other materials. Real wood lasts for generations, and you can refurbish it every once in a while to keep the surface looking as good as new. You can also polish real wood to give it different finishes.

4. Easy to Repair

All flooring types will require some repairs over the course of time. Real wood flooring gives the benefit of being easy to work with, whether you wish to repair or renovate. Modern ‘click and lock’ and floating flooring are not only easy to install but repair as well. When a part of the floor sustains damage, you don’t need to unbuckle the entire floor, but only the part that requires repair. This saves time, money, and energy.

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Installing Real Wood Flooring? Talk to Us!

Real wood floors look great and stay that way for a very long time. They are easy to install and maintain and make a premium addition to property. All these factors make real wood flooring hard to beat. If you are planning to install real wood flooring in a residential or commercial property, look no further than Mikasa, a trusted name known to offer premium real wood flooring solutions. Check out our wood flooring designs and textures in our catalogue and pick the one that best suits your requirements. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our products, write to us at info@mikasafloors.com or simply call 1800-833-0004.