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Answering 4 Commonly Asked Questions About Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring with Mikasa Floors

Engineered wood flooring is a perfect combination of engineering brilliance and nature’s beauty. They are engineered by putting together three layers each of real hardwood, a balancing layer, and stabilizing core, which together provide unmatched stability and solidity. Each plank is specially designed to provide high-quality and long-lasting flooring for all spaces. It is a popular flooring choice among architects and designers. Engineered with latest technology and some of the finest wood species from around the world, engineered wood flooring is available in a wide range of inspiring designs that offer unmatched brilliance and beauty to spaces. Continuing on the…

5 Common Things That Can Damage Your Engineered Wood Flooring

Care For Engineered Wood Flooring With Mikasa Floors

Wood flooring can withstand most of what is thrown at it but still needs a great amount of care to keep it in the best condition for a long time. Apart from cleaning, it is important to be on the lookout for things that may harm your wood flooring regardless of its type. Let’s look at 5 common things that can damage your engineered wood flooring. 1. High Heels Wearing high heels in the home can ruin wooden flooring. Heels are pointier and, as a result, the body weight is not evenly distributed, which can leave dents on the floor.…