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3 Things to Remember After Engineered Wood Flooring Installation

Wood Flooring Installation with Mikasa Floors

Apart from being a great alternative to hardwood and offering dimensional stability, engineered wood flooring is easy to maintain. It entails a hassle-free cleaning process that is simple and achievable within a short period. Engineered wood gives you the best of both worlds: the appeal and grandeur of solid wood and easy maintenance and higher resistance to temperature variations and moisture that the engineering process brings. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we present three things to remember after installing engineered wood flooring. Read on. 1. Ventilation Moisture is your worst enemy as it can cause damage to the…

5 Engineered Wood Based Staircase Designs to Consider

Staircase Designs to Consider with Mikasa Floors

When thinking about the design and aesthetics of a house, most rarely consider the staircase. Just like any other part of residential and commercial spaces, the stairs style and material play a major role in the overall aesthetics of the decor. If you choose to go with an engineered wood staircase, there are a number of popular designs that you can consider. Let’s look at five wood staircase design options that you can consider. 1. Straight Stairs The most common type, straight stairs, as the name suggests, are stairs which do not change their direction. On longer flights of stairs,…