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5 Quick Tips To Keep Your Engineered Wood Floors in Top Condition

Wood Floors in Top Condition with Mikasa Floors

Engineered wood flooring is becoming increasingly popular due to its superior properties such as high dimensional stability, aesthetic appeal, and longevity. Apart from the elegant looks, the durability of engineered wooden floors is something that you will definitely admire. That said, routine cleaning and maintenance is what’s needed to preserve the sheen of engineered wood flooring. Read on as we share five quick tips to keep your engineered wood floors in top condition. 1. Regular Cleaning Regular cleaning is perhaps the easiest part of maintenance that can bring a significant difference and add to the durability of your engineered wood…

5 Essential Wood Flooring Accessories

Wood Flooring Accessories With Mikasa Floors

Real wood flooring, for years, has been quite popular in residential and commercial spaces thanks to its luxurious, attractive, and sophisticated appeal. The warm textures, rich colors, and solid durability together provide a strong and sustainable foundation for every room. Proper installation of wood floors demands a few accessories that help to ensure a perfect finish and longevity. In this blog post, we will discuss five essential wood flooring accessories that infuse creativity into every piece of your real wood floor with brilliance. Read on! 1. Veneered Skirting Veneered skirting is used to cover the joints between the flooring and…