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4 Tips To Simplify Your Engineered Flooring Installation

Engineered Flooring Installation With Mikasa Floors

Mikasa real wood floors aren’t only beautiful, they are also easy to install. Our revolutionary PlankLoc mechanism allows planks to be locked together without using glue, while still guaranteeing a strong bond. Each plank can easily be embedded with the other while leaving the possibility for removal and re-installation. The installation process for Mikasa floors couldn’t be simpler! To improve your engineered flooring installation experience, we have put together this post with our top recommendations for easy installation. Follow These Tips to Simplify Your Engineered Flooring Installation Tip 1: Prep Your Room For The Safety Of Your Floors The key…

Why Engineered Floors Beat The Competition

Engineered Floors With Mikasa Floors

Durability is one of the aspects homeowners value the most when buying construction and renovation materials. You don’t want to invest in materials that quickly lose their shine or get damaged, as it implies more expenses by way of repairs or replacement. This is especially true when it comes to the most important design elements in a residential or commercial property such as flooring. There are different flooring options from which to choose but this blog focuses on exploring the reasons why engineered wood flooring remains a favourite of many designers and architects. Find out why below! The Advantages Of…