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4 Engineered Wooden Floor Trends To Look Out For In 2020

Wooden Floor Trends With Mikasa floor

Are you planning a home improvement project in 2020? By simply installing new engineered wood floors, you can bring a major transformation in the interiors of your home. Despite the pass of time, wooden floors continue to be a symbol of luxury and style; however, with changes in the domain of interior design, different wood colors, finishes and designs have gone in and out of style. It is, therefore, important that you consider the latest wood floor trends, to make the right flooring choice. In today’s post, we present the top engineered floor trends to help you modernize the look…

4 Important Elements of Engineered Wood Flooring Installation

Elements of Engineered Wood Flooring Installation With Mikasa Floors

Besides unmatched durability and great looks, another notable advantage of engineered flooring is its easy installation. Installing a solid hardwood floor can be very complex and time consuming, which is why Mikasa’s engineered wood flooring is designed to be set up in less time by following some simple instructions. Self-locking planks firmly set your floor in place without glue or nails, allowing you to easily remove and reinstall planks if necessary. In today’s post, we share some useful tips to make engineered flooring installation even simpler! 1. Take Time To Prep The Subfloor Without a steady base on which to…