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Is Engineered Flooring Real Wood Flooring

Real Wood Flooring

When people first hear the term “engineered flooring”, they often don’t know what to make of the trending flooring solution. At first, most confuse engineered wood flooring with laminate flooring planks. However, engineered flooring is actually made from real wood. What sets engineered real wood flooring apart from hardwood is its manufacturing process. Engineered flooring is made to provide all the beauty and other desirable characteristics of real wood while maximizing functionality and ease of installation. Engineering processes are applied so that wood planks can best adapt to modern lifestyles. This way both looks and performance are optimized. The Making…

Keep Your Home Up To Date With These 2020 Wooden Flooring Trends

Wooden Flooring Trends with Mikasa Floors

If you’re planning to update your home interiors in 2020, make sure you get everything right. Take the opportunity to renew the look of your floors by incorporating some of the latest wooden flooring design trends! Here is a look at some of the trends you may want to consider. 2020 Wooden Flooring Design Trends The best place to start updating your home is the flooring. Acting as the background of your entire home, it is one of the elements with the most visual impact. Before you make up your mind, consider the following wooden flooring trends! Not only will…