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How To Care For Your Real Wood Floors

Caring of Real Wood Floors with Mikasa Floors

Wooden floors are amazingly beautiful and keep their shine for a very long time. Adding style and value to your residential or commercial property, wood flooring is something you truly want to incorporate into your interior spaces. Although wooden flooring is engineered to perfection making it both durable and resistant to damage, dirt, and the elements, this doesn’t mean that you can completely neglect flooring maintenance. Real wood flooring, after all, is a luxury finish that deserves constant love and care. After you install brand new wood planks, getting familiar with wood flooring maintenance is a must. Here is some…

Tips To Install Engineered Wooden Flooring

Install Engineered Wooden Flooring With Mikasa Floors

Not only are engineered wood floors a beautiful and durable investment, but they’re also easy to install. Installation of engineered wooden flooring is also very simple which is one of the reasons why designers and architects prefer it over most alternatives. Mikasa Floors’ engineered wood flooring comes with the revolutionary PlankLoc system which aids in easy installation and maintenance. It enables two planks to firmly bind together without the need for glue. Here is a look at how you can go about installing engineered wooden flooring. How to install engineered wooden flooring Follow these 3 simple steps: Firstly, the installation…

Engineered Wood Flooring Installation Guidelines

Wood Flooring Installation with Mikasa Floors

So you have decided to invest in engineered wooden flooring, but are now concerned about its installation process. You are not alone. To someone who has never installed wooden floors, the process may seem tedious and requiring a lot of effort, both of which are simply untrue. The installation process of engineered wood flooring is quite simple, especially if you go for Mikasa engineered wood flooring with Plank-Loc™ technology. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we present an overview of the guidelines of engineered wood flooring installation. Read on. General Awareness of Wooden Flooring Wood is hygroscopic, which means…